The Book

The Book

What the Enemy Thinks book cover

© Photo by Sandy Tam Photography

Meet Beck Carnell, the CEO of Social Good, a firm the marketing press calls “an edgy, dynamic shop catering to charities and interest groups,” whose upbringing in the fishing village of Herring Neck, Newfoundland, equally haunts and comforts her as she does battle with her demons and her rivals in a world where misery equates to fundraising opportunity.

Beck’s team is made up of political organizers who have given up on elections, social media sages looking for impact, and newcomers to Canada seeking success, a savvy group of Robin Hoods whose political shrewdness is matched only by their desire to find a place in the world.

What the Enemy Thinks is a dark comedy that explores the stage after heartbreak, the stickiness of childhood memories and how landscape forms identity. It is also a page-turning scramble through what charity means in the world today.

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A Word on the Cover Art

Free Newfoundland logoThe cover illustration is by Newfoundland “professor of comics,” Wallace Ryan, who is credited with originating the slogan Free NFLD and graphic with the words accompanying with a bright red star painted over it. The image is licensed to Newfoundland company, The Living Planet, to sell on t-shirts and other merchandise.